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Paper and Textiles

Freedonia industry market research on Paper and Textiles largely focuses upon major end use applications in which they are used. Business strategists and planners can use these studies to indentify opportunity and growth markets for their underlying products. End use applications included range from coated fabrics to labels to corrugated and paperboard boxes. Freedonia's related industry market research studies include market size, forecasts, product and market segmentations, related economic indicator and regulatory analysis, market share estimates, a discussion of industry structure, and profiles of the leading companies.

The list below of Freedonia Industry Studies covering Paper and Textiles is sorted by publication date in reverse chronological order. Please click on the study title to view a table of contents, obtain additional information or to purchase all or portions of the selected study. You may also re-sort the list by clicking on the column title.

TitleStudy IdDateDescriptionPagesPricePurchase
World Decorative Laminates 3202Nov-2014 This study analyzes the global decorative laminates industry. It presents historical demand data for 2003, 2008 and 2013 and forecasts for 2018 and 2023 by product (low-pressure laminates, high-pressure laminates), market (e.g., cabinets, furniture, f... Read More 373$6,300.00Add to Cart
Wipes 3188Sep-2014 US wipes demand will rise 3.6 percent yearly through 2018 to $2.9 billion. Disinfectant and electrostatic wipes will grow the fastest. The industrial market will outpace consumer uses based in part on a relaxed EPA rule that will help disposable wipes... Read More 341$5,300.00Add to Cart
World Labels 3185Aug-2014 World label demand will rise 4.9 percent yearly to 58 billion square meters in 2018, valued at $114 billion. The Asia/Pacific region will be the fastest growing market, due to the continued rapid expansion of Chinese and Indian label demand. The produ... Read More 460$6,300.00Add to Cart
Coated Fabrics 3176Jul-2014 US demand for coated fabrics is projected to advance 3.2 percent per year to 680 million square yards in 2018. The large motor vehicle market will drive gains, promoted by a higher number of air bags -- usually employing silicone-coated nylon -- per l... Read More 310$5,300.00Add to Cart
Cups & Lids 3174Jul-2014 US demand for cups and lids will expand 4.4 percent per year to $10.0 billion in 2018. Packaging cups will experience the fastest gains based on convenience and single-serving advantages, as well as favorable consumption trends in several key applicat... Read More 322$5,300.00Add to Cart
Decorative Laminates 3127Feb-2014 Demand for decorative laminates in the US will rise 4.1 percent per year to 11.9 billion square feet in 2018. Of the two largest markets, cabinets will outpace furniture based on a rebound in residential construction spending. Within the dominant low-... Read More 290$5,100.00Add to Cart
World Geosynthetics 3108Dec-2013 Global demand for geosynthetics is expected to rise 8.9 percent per year to 5.2 billion square meters in 2017. Developing regions will be the fastest growing markets, with the Asia/Pacific region remaining the largest. Construction will be the largest... Read More 462$6,100.00Add to Cart
Converted Flexible Packaging 3094Nov-2013 US demand for converted flexible packaging will rise 3.0 percent annually to $18.8 billion in 2017. Pouches will be the fastest growing type of flexible packaging, based on new applications and the advantage of lighter weight that can vastly reduce bo... Read More 477$5,300.00Add to Cart
World Nonwovens 3077Oct-2013 Global demand for nonwovens is forecast to rise 5.4 percent annually to 9.1 million metric tons in 2017. Spunmelt nonwovens will lead gains based on growth in key markets such as disposable infant diapers in developing countries, and adult incontinenc... Read More 468$6,100.00Add to Cart
Foodservice Disposables 3081Sep-2013 US demand for foodservice disposables is forecast to climb 3.6 percent per year to $19.7 billion in 2017. Packaging products such as containers and lids and domes will achieve the fastest gains and will remain the largest category. Eating and drinking... Read More 341$5,300.00Add to Cart
World Corrugated Boxes 3042Jul-2013 World corrugated box demand will rise 4.2 percent yearly to 234 billion square meters in 2017. The fastest growth will occur in developing areas, especially in the Asia/Pacific and Africa/Mideast regions. Food and beverages will remain the leading mar... Read More 348$6,100.00Add to Cart
World Cups & Lids 3012Jun-2013 World cup and lid demand will rise 5.0 percent per year to $25.9 billion in 2017. The fastest gains will occur in developing regions, while demand in developed areas will be supported by the increasing use of costlier biodegradable and compostable pro... Read More 359$6,100.00Add to Cart
Geosynthetics 3003Mar-2013 US geosynthetics demand is forecast to increase 6.6 percent per year to 1.3 billion square yards in 2017, spurred by improved spending on the construction of structures and roads. Geotextiles will remain the largest segment, while more application-spe... Read More 288$5,100.00Add to Cart
World Flooring & Carpets 2981Jan-2013 World flooring and carpet demand will rise 4.9 percent yearly to 18.6 billion square meters in 2016. The Asia/Pacific region will see the most rapid growth. Nonresidential buildings will be the fastest growing market, while nonresilient flooring will ... Read More 412$6,300.00Add to Cart
Nonwovens 2983Jan-2013 Demand for nonwovens is forecast to rise 5.7% per year to $7.1 billion in 2016. The fastest market gains will occur in the nondisposables market, especially construction. Disposables will remain the dominant market, where filtration will lead gains. S... Read More 335$5,200.00Add to Cart

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