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World Industry Studies

Below is a list of Freedonia Industry Studies covering World markets. Studies are sorted by their publication date in reverse chronological order. Please click on the study title to view a table of contents, obtain additional information or to purchase all or portions of the selected study. You may also re-sort the list by clicking on the column title.

TitleStudy IdDateDescriptionPagesPricePurchase
World Graphite (Natural, Synthetic & Carbon Fiber) 3164Aug-2014 Worldwide demand for natural and synthetic graphite (including carbon fiber) is forecast to expand 5.8 percent per annum to 4.2 million metric tons in 2018, an improvement over the 2008-2013 pace. Three key trends will fuel growth. First, advanc... Read More 428$6,100.00Add to Cart
World Labels 3185Aug-2014 /p>... Read More 460$6,300.00Add to Cart
World Biofuels 3179Aug-2014 This study analyzes the global biofuel industry. It presents historical demand and production data for 2003, 2008 and 2013, and forecasts for 2018 and 2023 by product (e.g., bioethanol, biodiesel, renewable diesel, pure vegetable oil, biobutanol), wor... Read More 385$6,200.00Add to Cart
World Salt 3199Aug-2014 This study analyzes the world salt industry. It presents historical demand data for 2003, 2008 and 2013, and forecasts for 2018 and 2023 by market (e.g., chemical manufacturing, road deicing, food processing, livestock), production method (e.g., solar... Read More 331$6,200.00Add to Cart
World Housing 3184Jul-2014 World construction of new housing will reach 61.3 million units in 2018 on 2.9 percent yearly advances. The Asia/Pacific region will own the most new housing units, while the Africa/Mideast housing stock region will grow the fastest. Multifamily housi... Read More 238$5,800.00Add to Cart
World Filters 3152Jul-2014 Global demand for filters is projected to increase a healthy 6.2 percent annually to $80.0 billion in 2018. Most gains will come from large, developing industrial areas with nascent regulatory schemes, such as China and Indonesia. Manufacturing will b... Read More 609$6,500.00Add to Cart
World Drywall & Building Plaster 3186Jul-2014 Global drywall demand is forecast to rise 5.8 percent per year through 2018 to 10.4 billion square meters, a significant improvement from the rate of the 2008-2013 period. Rebounds in building construction spending after a period of declines in ... Read More 361$6,300.00Add to Cart
World Specialty Silicas 3178Jul-2014 Global demand for specialty silicas will rise 5.0 percent per year through 2018 to 2.9 million metric tons, valued at $6.9 billion. Rubber is the largest market and will also be the fastest growing. Precipitated silica will remain the dominant product... Read More 318$6,300.00Add to Cart
World Agricultural Equipment 3166Jul-2014 Global demand for agricultural equipment will rise 6.9 percent yearly through 2018 to $208 billion. China will be the fastest growing market, followed by Turkey, Brazil, Thailand, India and South Africa. Tractors will remain the largest equipment segm... Read More 459$6,300.00Add to Cart
World Hybrid & Electric Vehicles 3155Jun-2014 World hybrid and electric vehicle (H/EV) sales will more than double through 2018, accounting for nearly one-quarter of all new motor vehicles sold. Gains will be led by micro and mild hybrids, which are conventional vehicles equipped with relatively ... Read More 426$6,100.00Add to Cart
World Hydrogen 3165Jun-2014 World consumption of captive and merchant hydrogen is projected to increase 3.5 percent annually through 2018 to more than 300 billion cubic meters. Gains will be driven by the increasing use of hydrogen in refinery hydroprocessing, especially in deve... Read More 331$6,100.00Add to Cart
World Activated Carbon 3172May-2014 World demand for activated carbon is projected to rise 8.1 percent per year to 2.1 million metric tons in 2018, driven by tightening pollution regulations and rising manufacturing activity. North America will remain the largest activated carbon market... Read More 432$6,400.00Add to Cart
World Roofing 3167May-2014 Global demand for roofing is projected to increase 3.7 percent per year through 2018 to 12.6 billion square meters. China and the US will account for over one-half of all global gains. Tile roofing will benefit from intensive use in the thriving Asia/... Read More 426$6,400.00Add to Cart
World Pressure Sensitive Tapes 3163May-2014 World demand for pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) tapes is projected to increase 5.0 percent annually to more than 50 billion square meters in 2018. Growth will remain the fastest in China, India and other rapidly developing countries, while more dev... Read More 412$6,300.00Add to Cart
World HVAC Equipment 3154May-2014 Global demand for HVAC equipment is forecast to rise 5.7 percent annually to $120 billion in 2018. The Asia/Pacific region will remain the dominant geographic market, while North America grows the fastest. Heat pumps will lead gains based on lower pen... Read More 425$6,300.00Add to Cart

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