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World Industry Studies

Below is a list of Freedonia Industry Studies covering World markets. Studies are sorted by their publication date in reverse chronological order. Please click on the study title to view a table of contents, obtain additional information or to purchase all or portions of the selected study. You may also re-sort the list by clicking on the column title.

TitleStudy IdDateDescriptionPagesPricePurchase
World Fuel Cells 3140Apr-2014 Global demand for commercial fuel cells will almost triple to $4 billion in 2017, and then triple again by 2022 to $12 billion. Motor vehicle, portable electronics and industrial stationary/motive power applications will grow the fastest. Japan and th... Read More 501$6,300.00Add to Cart
World Cement & Concrete Additives 3130Mar-2014 Global demand for cement and concrete additives will rise 9.3 percent annually to $21.2 billion in 2017. All regions will post strong growth, while the Asia/Pacific region will remain the largest market. Chemical additives will post strong growth base... Read More 397$6,100.00Add to Cart
World Paint & Coatings 3135Mar-2014 Global demand for paint and coatings will rise 5.2 percent annually to 51.6 million metric tons in 2017, valued at $186 billion. The Asia/Pacific region will remain the largest and fastest growing market and account for half of global demand by 2017. ... Read More 431$6,200.00Add to Cart
World Abrasives 3132Mar-2014 World demand for abrasives is forecast to rise 5.8 percent annually to $40 billion in 2017. Over half of additional demand will be attributable to China, the world’s leading national market. Coated and bonded abrasives, which account for most product ... Read More 413$6,200.00Add to Cart
World Food Containers 3124Feb-2014 World demand for food containers is forecast to rise 4.5 percent annually to $139 billion in 2017. While the US remains by far the world’s largest user of food containers, the most significant growth will occur in India and China. Bags and pouches wil... Read More 447$6,100.00Add to Cart
World Pallets 3126Feb-2014 Global sales of pallets are projected to climb 5.0 percent annually through 2017 to 5.1 billion units. The Asia/Pacific region will be the fastest growing market and will surpass North America as the largest. Plastic pallets will grow the fastest base... Read More 357$6,100.00Add to Cart
World Asphalt 3129Feb-2014 World demand for asphalt is projected to rise 3.6 percent annually through 2017 from a weak 2012 base to 121 million metric tons. The Asia/Pacific region has overtaken North America as the largest regional market and will continue to record the fastes... Read More 429$6,300.00Add to Cart
World Amines 3100Feb-2014 World demand for amines will rise 3.8 percent annually to 7.0 million metric tons in 2017. Advances will be led by China and other developing economies throughout Asia, the Africa/Mideast region and South America. Based on their versatility, low cost ... Read More 281$6,100.00Add to Cart
World Consumer Water Treatment Systems 3110Jan-2014 World demand for consumer water treatment systems will jump 12.4% annually, led by the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) and other countries with poor public treatment infrastructure. Gains will be driven by rising incomes and increasing awareness o... Read More 387$6,100.00Add to Cart
World Water Treatment Chemicals 3122Jan-2014 World water treatment chemical demand will rise 5.8 percent per year to $30.6 billion in 2017. The fastest growth will occur in developing regions, driven by rising industrial water quality standards, more complex manufacturing processes, and efforts ... Read More 408$6,100.00Add to Cart
World Tires 3105Jan-2014 World demand for tires is forecast to rise 4.3 percent per year to 2.9 billion units in 2017. Gains will continue to be led by developing countries in the Asia/Pacific region, particularly China and India. Growth in the dominant motor vehicle market w... Read More 448$6,100.00Add to Cart
World Major Household Appliances 3098Jan-2014 World major household appliance demand will rise 3.8 percent annually through 2017 to 430 million units. Cooking appliances will lead gains, as they are among the first major appliances purchased in developing countries. Rebounding housing activity an... Read More 429$6,400.00Add to Cart
World Industrial Valves 3085Jan-2014 Global demand for industrial valves will rise 5.1 percent per year through 2017 to $82.5 billion. The Asia/Pacific and Africa/Mideast regions, along with Central and South America, will grow the fastest. The oil and gas industry and process manufactur... Read More 434$6,100.00Add to Cart
World Enzymes 3104Jan-2014 World enzyme demand will rise 6.3 percent annually to $7 billion in 2017. Rising per capita incomes in large countries such as China and India will support consumer demand for higher value goods, such as detergents and food products, which can be made... Read More 338$6,300.00Add to Cart
World Mining Equipment 3107Jan-2014 Global demand for mining machinery is forecast to expand 8.6 percent per year through 2017 to $135 billion. The Asia/Pacific region and Central and South America will be the fastest growing markets. Metals mining equipment will remain the largest prod... Read More 524$6,300.00Add to Cart

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