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Article Title:           Services demand in shale reaches $38.7bn in '15
Publication:           Gass Business Briefing, 7/15/2012
Freedonia Study:  Shale Gas: Products & Services (2777)

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US demand for services related to shale gas development will reach nearly $38.7bn in 2015, with the main growth catalyst the Marcellus and Haynesville plays, one research company believes. Through 2015, the Marcellus will strengthen its position as the leading market for gas field services, with the number of producing wells in the play expected to grow by 3,400, said Mike Richardson, an analyst with the Freedonia Group. Pressure pumping services will post the fastest growth of any service type through 2015 due to the importance of hydraulic fracturing for bringing shale gas wells into production, Gas Business Briefing understands. Demand for pressure pumping services in shale plays is forecast to more than double, to $14.5bn in 2015, from roughly $6.7bn in 2010, the Freedonia Group reported.
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Article Title:           Fracking drives chemicals boom
By:                            Sheena Martin
Publication:           ICIS, 4/2/2012
Freedonia Study:  Shale Gas: Products & Services (2777)

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Demand for specialty chemicals for drilling US shale basins has doubled in the past five years and the size of the sector is expected to increase to $6.7bn by 2015, according to industry analyst Michael Richardson with US-based market research firm The Freedonia Group. The demand for such specialty chemicals was worth about $2.5bn in 2005, and $4.2bn in 2010.
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