Pesticide Adjuvant Producers are Going Green: 3 Companies to Watch

Pesticide Adjuvant Producers are Going Green: 3 Companies to Watch

Adjuvants are pesticide ingredients that facilitate or modify the effects of an active ingredient like glyphosate or dicamba.  Although there are hundreds of adjuvant suppliers in the US, three firms are making an impact on the industry as a whole as a result of their technological innovations, particularly those related to environmental friendliness.

Huntsman: Master of Surfactants

Huntsman, a $9.7 billion supplier of chemicals for a wide array of industries, has adapted to the changing demands of the pesticide industry through the development of more environmentally friendly adjuvants (including low-toxicity offerings), more efficient emulsifiers, and low-foam wetting agents.  The company serves the pesticide adjuvant market mainly through its extensive portfolio of surfactants.  Surfactants and emulsifiers comprise the largest portion of adjuvant demand in both volume and dollar terms. 

Among Huntsman’s surfactants for pesticide use are TERWET wetting agents,some of which aid in the formulation of low-toxicity glyphosate-based pesticides.  The company's vast portfolio also includes TERMIX tank mix adjuvants, TERSPERSE dispersants and NANSA anionic surfactants, among others.

Clariant International: The Synergen ME All-in-One Green Adjuvant Family

Reducing complexity is a major advantage for farmers, and products that can perform multiple functions are always appealing.  To meet this need, Clariant International recently launched its Synergen ME line of all-in-one adjuvants, which is formulated to eliminate the need to mix several different products with herbicides to improve spray behavior and overall performance.  The Synergen ME adjuvant range combines renewable methylated seed oil, ammonium sulfate and certain surfactants that enhance the effect of herbicides in a single product, reducing complexity for farmers.  Another major benefit of this new line is its environmentally friendly profile, which stems from its use of mostly renewable ingredients.

Croda International: Drift Reduction Technology

Specialty chemical producer Croda International has developed a number of technologies that have strengthened its competitiveness in the market.  One such research focus is drift reduction - a way to prevent harmful pesticides from drifting away from their specific target and into contact with people, animals, groundwater and the like.  To this end, the company’s research center in Delaware is equipped with a low-speed wind tunnel that aids Croda’s ability to understand the behavior of agricultural sprays and develop more effective drift reduction technologies.

Where to Find Out More

Need more information?  For historical demand data and forecasts by adjuvant product, pesticide formulation and market, see Pesticide Adjuvant Market in the US, an industry study published by The Freedonia Group. The study also discusses market environment factors, industry structure, company market share, and top companies. 

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Joseph Iorillo is a researcher and writer at The Freedonia Group where he contributes to studies on a wide array of topics, including consumer and industrial goods, chemicals, and packaging.

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