Innovation in the Pharmaceutical Packaging Market: 3 New Products

Innovation in the Pharmaceutical Packaging Market:  3 New Products

Recent innovations in pharmaceutical packaging include products that not only look nice and secure the packaged goods, they also help to solve problems.  Increasing medication adherence rates, helping prevent inhaler misuse, and even making the world a greener place are some of the problems tackled by recent innovations in pharmaceutical packaging products from WestRock, 3M, and Gerresheimer.

WestRock’s Blister Packaging Improves Medication Adherence

In the US, medication nonadherence rates range from 25% to 50%.  This can lead to a worsening of symptoms, hospitalization, or even death.  To help increase medication adherence, in February 2016, WestRock launched the PerfPak Advantage wallet card blister packaging.  The PerfPak Advantage packaging features a visible calendar that allows patients to track their medications and provides patient education, dosage information, and side effect profiles.

3M Helps Inhaler Users with Competence Problems

Inhalers can be easily misused.  To help combat this issue, 3M introduced the 3M Intelligent Control Inhaler in April 2016.  This inhaler features a digital screen that visually instructs patients how to use it correctly.  The 3M Intelligent Control Inhaler also tracks inhaler usage and links to patients’ digital devices, allowing patients to review their usage, set reminders, and get feedback and help.

Gerresheimer Goes Green with BioPack Packaging

One of the major trends in all packaging markets is a move toward sustainable packaging.  The pharmaceutical packaging industry is no exception.  In February 2016, Gerresheimer debuted BioPack bottles and other containers for packaging pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.  These containers are made using the ethanol from sugarcane plants and are completely recyclable.

Want to Learn More?

To find out more about pharmaceutical packaging, check out the new report Pharmaceutical Packaging in the US, from The Freedonia Group.  This report offers analysis on:

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Ian Tryon is a Corporate Analyst at the Freedonia Group, where he works on studies related to the construction, packaging, and industrial components markets, for the US, Chinese, and global markets.  

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