The World’s 5 Fastest Growing Window & Door Markets

The World’s 5 Fastest Growing Window & Door Markets

Window and door suppliers benefit from a global trend toward the use of high performance products, especially as household incomes rise and green building initiatives take hold. According to Freedonia analysts, world window and door sales are predicted to climb nearly 5% per year through 2021, fueled by healthy growth in building construction activity and increased spending on products that meet heightened aesthetic, efficiency, and other performance requirements.

Here are five major window and door markets that will offer significant growth opportunities going forward.

1. China: Demand for High Performance Products Continues to Rise

By far the world’s largest window and door consumer, China is poised to see strong market growth as property owners increasingly invest in high-value products that improve building aesthetics and boost energy savings (e.g., curtain wall).  In addition, rising income levels in the country’s expanding urban centers are encouraging homeowners to invest in better quality windows and doors that increasingly measure up to products sold in Europe in terms of security, sound abatement, and energy efficiency.

2. India: New Housing Construction Fuels Sales

In India, improving standards of living and construction of new affordable homes drive demand for windows and doors. 

Most sales will continue to be of less expensive metal-frame products, although plastic is making inroads to meet this growing demand. Europe-based vinyl profile suppliers profine and VEKA have each established a manufacturing presence in India.

In October 2017, profine India inaugurated a new PVC extrusion facility in Vadodara, where the company will produce window and door profiles under its Kömmerling brand, and in November 2017 VEKA announced plans to build a state-of-the-art plant in Telangana, among other company initiatives in India.

3. Indonesia: Industrialization & New Urban Housing Boost Demand

As in other developing countries, industrialization and improving household income levels are benefiting window and door suppliers in Indonesia. Specifically, national efforts to reduce Indonesia’s stock of low-quality housing will fuel demand. Nonetheless, even faster advances will be prevented by ongoing expansion in the country’s urban slum population.

4. Turkey: Healthy Outlooks for the Housing Market & Business Investment

A rebound in the construction of new single-family homes will help drive sales gains in Turkey. The country is expected to see a release of pent up demand among its large pool of young potential home buyers, who increasingly prefer larger units.

In addition, a healthy outlook for business fixed investment will support spending on offices and other window- and door-intensive structures. Sales advances in Turkey will be limited to some extent by lingering uncertainties about economic and political stability.

5. United States: Healthy Construction Spending & Sales of High-Value Products

Strong gains in housing starts will continue to fuel spending on windows and doors in the US. Suppliers will also benefit from expanding sales of higher cost products that are more aesthetically pleasing and meet increasingly stringent building codes for energy efficiency and impact resistance. Design trends favoring larger openings with narrower sight lines will further boost average per unit spending.

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