Cabinets – 3 Trends That Will Fuel Installations

Cabinets – 3 Trends That Will Fuel Installations

Demand for cabinets in the US rose rapidly between 2013 and 2018 as new housing activity rebounded from the Great Recession. Additionally, homeowners took advantage of low interest rates and rising property values to engage in previously delayed renovation projects – such as remodeling dated kitchens and bathrooms.

What will the next five years bring for the cabinets market?  Here are three trends indicating that cabinet demand will continue to rise through 2023.

Kitchen Renovations to Play Leading Role in Supporting Cabinet Demand

Americans increasingly see the kitchen as the center of a home. No longer a place simply for storing food and preparing meals, the kitchen serves as a place for family gatherings, entertaining guests, and organizing the daily working of a household. As such, homeowners will continue to renovate their kitchens to better serve as the center of the home, making kitchens larger in size and filled with more cabinets, such as:

  • Base cabinets installed under islands and counter-style seating areas to provide additional storage space for kitchen equipment
  • Wall cabinets that serve as an attractive alternative to open shelving for dishes and other kitchen items
  • Tall cabinets that provide both ample storage space for storing foodstuffs and a visually appealing contrast to traditional base cabinetry

Not only will homeowners install more cabinets in their kitchens, but these cabinets will include such value-added features as:

  • LED lighting
  • pull-out shelves and drawers to make it easier to access the contents of cabinets
  • racks and trays to better organize cabinet interiors

Design Trends That Call for Homes to Have Multiple Bathrooms Will Spur Cabinet Use

Traditionally, homes in the US were built with only a single bathroom, often located far from the bedrooms or on a different floor from them. Modern homeowners, however, see this arrangement as both impractical and inconvenient, and thus adding one (or more) bathrooms to a home is a popular home renovation project in the US, particularly as older Americans add bathrooms to improve convenience and safety. The addition of bathrooms is a growth opportunity for cabinets, boosting demand for such products as:

  • vanities – especially “his and her” vanities – installed in master bathrooms
  • medicine chests for storing personal items and medications
  • wall cabinets that can store towels and cleaning supplies

Cabinets to be More Frequently Installed in Other Areas of the Home

In addition to installing cabinets in kitchens and bathrooms, homeowners will increasingly specify the use of cabinets in other rooms of the home where they were traditionally rarely used. Not only are cabinets seen as being more attractive than open shelving, many homeowners view them as a neater, low-clutter alternative to open shelving and storage bins. Cabinets will be increasingly used in such parts of the home as:

  • laundry and mud rooms
  • garages
  • dining rooms
  • hobby and craft rooms

For more information about the size and growth of the US cabinets market, check out The Freedonia Group’s new study, Cabinets.

About the Author:

Matt Zielenski is a Senior Analyst at The Freedonia Group, where he covers trends in the use of building materials and related construction products in the US market.