As Battery Technologies Improve, Electric’s Share of Global Power Lawn & Equipment Sales Keeps Expanding

As Battery Technologies Improve, Electric’s Share of Global Power Lawn & Equipment Sales Keeps Expanding

Dramatically swift improvements in battery technologies have had a major impact on the power lawn and garden equipment market over the last decade, leading to a significant increase in the market share for electric models over engine-driven alternatives.

A new Freedonia Group analysis finds that electric’s share of global lawn and garden power equipment increased from 11% in 2010 to 18% in 2020, with strong further expansion expected going forward. Electric equipment has a variety of advantages:

  • better environmental profile
  • lower operating costs
  • ease of use
  • lighter weight for handheld products

While corded electric-powered equipment has long been available for smaller products, the logistical obstacles presented by a cord historically placed a ceiling on the potential for electric products. By eliminating this constraint, battery-powered products have greatly expanded the potential market for electric lawn and garden equipment.

Increased Penetration in Markets a Key Goal of Tech Innovation

Innovation in battery technology for power lawn and garden equipment tends to focus on three key axes:

  • power
  • run time
  • price

In particular, technological improvements in these areas have greatly expanded the scope for battery-powered products in commercial markets, where users typically have more intensive needs than consumer buyers.

As battery power becomes increasingly common, suppliers will need to continue to offer innovations. For example, Bosch offers products with Syneon technology, which controls battery output based on the application, optimizes use, and prevents overheating. Chervon’s EGO POWER+ lithium ion battery technology features a phase-changing material surrounding each cell to prevent overheating.

Rapid Growth for Robotic Mowers Will Boost Electric Sales Through 2025

The Freedonia Group forecasts demand for battery-powered lawn and garden equipment to rise 7.1% per year to $5.4 billion in 2025:

  • Ongoing improvement in power and run times will expand the scope of applications for battery-powered equipment, enabling further penetration in commercial markets.
  • Falling prices for batteries will make these products more cost-competitive in consumer and commercial segments alike.

In addition, sales will be boosted by rising penetration of robotic mowers, which typically run on battery power.

The strongest growth is expected for larger products with high power requirements, where the shift to battery power is less progressed than that for smaller handheld products like trimmers and edgers. In particular, large mowers – including both riding mowers and turf and grounds mowers – still have significant untapped growth potential. Sales of battery-powered chainsaws will also advance rapidly, with commercial-grade battery products increasingly able to meet the performance demands of the forestry industry.

Regional Trends in the Global Battery-Powered Lawn & Garden Equipment Market

Through 2025, North America is expected to account for the largest share of global demand growth for battery-powered lawn and garden equipment. Penetration of battery-powered equipment in the region has lagged that in Western Europe, and there remains strong growth potential as the US and Canada catch up to other high-income nations.

Western Europe will also achieve significant growth in battery-powered lawn and garden equipment sales, in part due to strong penetration of robotic mowers in the region.

Sales growth will be particularly rapid in industrializing countries in Central and South America and the Asia/Pacific and Africa/Mideast regions. Riding mowers and similar products are relatively uncommon in these regions, and handheld products suitable for battery power account for a large share of sales. In particular, increased penetration of commercial-grade battery-powered chainsaws will be a major driver of sales growth in many countries in these regions.

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