Economic Impact Reports

At The Freedonia Group, we are actively monitoring company and industry reports on how the COVID-19 outbreak is impacting demand, investment and industry consolidation.

Freedonia’s team of analysts and economists authored these new format publications to provide useful and timely insights on how the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting particular industries across US and global markets.

Each report listed below is a 20 to 40 page slide deck that includes an introduction, macroeconomic data updates, summary of COVID-19 cases, historical perspective on the market with data back to 2000, a comparison of the current pandemic to recent recessions, and analysis of the impact of the coronavirus on the specific industry. Annual forecasts for the industry are also provided to show our expectations for the recovery timeline.

Industrial Components ∗ TransportMachinery & Equipment

Construction & Building Products

Consumer Goods

Water Treatment


    Plastics & Other Polymers