Global Paints & Coatings Series

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Rapidly developing countries in Southeast Asia – including Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, and Vietnam – offer strong opportunities for new sales in all areas. Manufacturers based in Western Europe and North America are investing in expanding manufacturing throughout these countries.

Global Paint & Coatings

351 pages, $6300

Paint and coatings markets in the study include:

  • Architectural (new residential, residential remodel and repaint, and nonresidential)
  • Manufacturing (furniture & fixtures, motor vehicles, packaging, and other manufacturing)
  • Protective & Specialty (industrial maintenance, auto refinish, marine, road and bridges, other)

Global Architectural Paint

160 pages, $3900

This study analyzes the global market for architectural paint. For the purposes of this study, “architectural paint” refers to interior and exterior paint products used in building construction markets, including water- and solvent-based paints, primers, stains, and sealers.

Global Automotive Coatings

146 pages, $3900

 This study examines the global automotive coatings industry, which is divided into two major applications:

  • OEM (original equipment manufacturer)
  • automotive refinishing