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What Does It Look Like On the Other Side of “Social Distancing” & Closed Businesses

As we’re all facing or currently operating in conditions of remote work, closed restaurants, limits on large gatherings, and curfews, many start to wonder: what does recovery look like?

The Freedonia Group is based in Ohio, where restaurants and bars closed on Sunday night, K-12 schools closed on Monday, colleges are doing remote learning, the primary election was postponed, and waterparks, movie theaters, and gyms closed as well. Other states are following suit, based on recommendations from the Center for Disease Control.

The Freedonia Group also has an office in Beijing. Reaching out to colleagues there, we find that people are returning to work, but in limited numbers so that people are still not gathered in large groups or in close quarters. Health inspectors make period appearances to ensure that people are not sitting too close together and are wearing the mandated masks.

A number of retail outlets are still closed, as there are few customers out in malls and shopping centers. Reservations are sometimes needed for public transportation to restrict the number of people at given stations.

Some goods – particularly marks – are still in short supply and customers need an appointment to get an opportunity to buy them, kind of like trying to buy tickets for a hot concert. Prices of in-demand goods, including personal electronics like tablets and laptops that enable remote education and work, are up and not likely to see any sales for the foreseeable future.

China is several weeks ahead of the US in terms of development of and recovery from COVID-19, so it seems that the return to normal will likely come in stages and not happen overnight.

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