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Sales of Top Food Brands Surge; Shortages on Grocery Shelves Could Mean Opportunities for Upstarts

I think no one is surprised by news from Modelez that sales of Oreo cookies and Cheez-it and Triscuit snack crackers are surging. Who among us hasn’t stocked up on beloved snack treats for our kids (or ourselves) now eating every meal at home?

At times of crisis, consumers often seek out known brands, particularly those that we associate with childhood or simpler times. Also, as more shoppers are looking to get in and out of grocery stores quickly, known brands makes decision making easy.

However, as demand spikes and supply chains struggle to keep up, some store shelves have limited stocks of the best known brands. I remember telling friends after a recent shopping trip, that the store had everything I was looking for, if not the exact brand.

This crisis presents several opportunities for upstart companies and less known brands:

  • If consumers try these brands when their preferred and known version is unavailable, they might be willing to keep buying it post-crisis
  • Limited supplies of known brands can make it easier for less known brands to stand out on shelves, perhaps getting prime eye-level space they would not have otherwise had
  • Consumers suddenly doing more cooking and providing all meals of the day from their kitchens might be seeking variety and find that hoped for novelty in upstart food companies
  • Consumers looking to avoid in-person shopping might discover new brands online. New brands are more likely to sell through direct-to-consumer channels, skipping retail shelves altogether

For more information, see our sister publisher Package Facts’ coverage of the food and beverage industry as well as The Freedonia Group’s coverage of the packaging industry. Freedonia Custom Research is also available for questions requiring tailored market intelligence.

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