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Airbnb Has Established Cleaning & Disinfection Protocols for Hosts

Airbnb released information about an enhanced cleaning process to protect guests and hosts from the spread of disease and to give travelers confidence to resume travel plans.

Recommended steps include ventilating rooms, cleaning then disinfecting, using disposable gloves, using disposable cleaning supplies (e.g., wipes, paper towels), washing hands frequently, and taking care of frequently touched surfaces as well as textiles and linens.

The company also noted that the Center for Disease Control recommends leaving a space unoccupied for 24 hours before bringing in the next set of guests. For those unable to commit to the cleaning protocol, hosts can sign up for the Booking Buffer feature that automatically leaves homes vacant and unable to be occupied for a set time frame, currently 72 hours, between guests.

The hospitality industry – which sees high levels of unique traffic, including customers from other parts of the world – is a particularly key market for cleaning and disinfection industries. Good cleaning protocols in these locations are essential for controlling a second spike in infections as well as giving customers confidence to return to dining and travel activities.

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