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6 Trends Altered Because of the Coronavirus Pandemic

2019: The sharing economy is on the rise, particularly for transportation.

2020: Ownership is king; no one wants to share.

2019: Tariffs are causing companies to rethink their supply chains.

2020: Pandemic closures and trade restrictions are accelerating that trend.

2019: Innovation happens among smaller, more nimble companies.

2020: The big get bigger, as they are the ones with resources to ride the recession out, purchase from troubled competitors, or finance R&D operations.

2019: Online grocery shopping is a niche.

2020: Online ordering and curbside pick-up are considered necessary parts of doing business.

2019: One-day or same-day delivery is expected for e-commerce orders.

2020: Deliveries of non-necessities might take a week or more.

2019: Single-use plastic bags are out; they generate a lot of waste and are a litter problem.

2020: Single-use plastic bags are in; they are seen as more hygienic than reusable bags, which are brought from home and rarely cleaned.

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