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Is the Front Porch the New Back Yard in the COVID-19 Era?

Front porches are seeing a lot more traffic in the COVID-19 era as consumers reimagine how and where they entertain and socialize. Though “porching” was growing in popularity prior to the pandemic, it is now the only way for some consumers to safely get out their pent up desire to go out without leaving home. Overlooking passersby and neighbors doing yard work, the front porch has always been a great place to socialize and meet new people. But in these unconventional times, the front porch is being used in unconventional ways, including as cocktail lounge, dance club, movie theater, recital hall, and karaoke bar.

In addition to bringing communities together, this trend is creating opportunities for suppliers of products such as outdoor furniture, lighting, heating elements, and landscaping products like pots and planters. Historically, these products have seen more intensive use in the back yard, where there’s usually more space to accommodate outdoor living areas. However, as consumers continue spending more time on their front porches, they are likely to increase their spending on products that enhance the comfort and functionality of those porches.

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