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PepsiCo’s Earnings Results & What That Says About Food & Beverage Trends

PepsiCo announced second quarter 2020 earnings results on July 13. Here are a few notes about key trends in PepsiCo’s sales and what that means more broadly.

  • Snacks, esp Cheetos, are up...consumers want comfort foods and with a lot of people -- particularly children -- eating at home, snacks are big
  • Juices are up...consumers are looking for products with a health-halo, particularly if it boost the immune system
  • Oats are up...not only are more consumers baking at home, but more are also eating breakfast at home and are looking for comforting and healthy foods
  • Beverages, in general, are down...although beverage sales are up in grocery and dollar stores channels, the category is down overall because of weak business at convenience stores (that’s a grab-and-go business, but people aren’t out and about as much) and the closures or limited operations of restaurants, movie theaters, & sports stadiums
  • Pepsi Zero Sugar and Bubly are up...consumers are looking for beverages with less sugar, as products that have more of a health halo compared to high-sugar options

Going forward, how can food and beverage companies continue to succeed and grow?

  • Develop products – snacks, meal replacement bars, beverages, etc -- that focus on immunity. Probiotics, prebiotics, and antioxidant vitamins are immune system-boosting cues to consumers.
  • Consider their new products that group popular snack brands and comfort foods. PepsiCo’s pipeline includes Cheetos mac and cheese – a combination of a popular snack brand and a beloved comfort food
  • E-Commerce – it’s here to stay as contact-free ordering and home delivery are habits that are becoming sticky among consumers. PepsiCo developed their own e-commerce platforms to sell their food products directly; expect other big food companies to follow.

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