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Moving Beyond Pools & Landscaping: What Will Be the Big Coronavirus-Driven Trends for Fall?

Now that we’re in mid- July, most consumers who wanted a pool found one. Quarantine gardens are growing, and in some cases starting to provide a harvest.

So, Freedonia analysis started talking about fall. What do we foresee as the next big coronavirus-driven trends as the weather cools and kids return to school (or not)? Here’s our working list so far:

  • space and outdoor heaters, for more comfortable socializing on patios, decks, and elsewhere outdoors as the temperatures drop
  • garage conversion kits, to organize the piles of stuff and turn those space into workout/hobby/office area or extra room for semi-outdoor, physically distant socializing
  • canning supplies and freezers, since people will want to store all that summer garden bounty
  • indoor gardening and smaller hydroponics kits, as some consumers will carry that gardening urge indoors
  • enhanced IT infrastructure, as families will likely need more devices (additional laptops and tablets) and more bandwidth to handle regular remote learning, sometimes for more than one child while one or both parents are also still working remotely
  • indoor air cleaners with HEPA filters and UV lights, which are being targeted to improve air quality and possibly slow the spread of the coronavirus
  • air duct cleaning, as homeowners will be looking to get rid of dust and potential build-up of other breathing hazards as the windows start to stay closed
  • professional deep cleaning of surfaces (walls, ceilings, floors); a lot of homeowners undertook renovation projects, so now it’s time to clean up
  • golf equipment, as many schools have identified as one they will consider still offering since it is by nature a no-contact, physically distant outdoor activity
  • winter outdoor sports equipment, since skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing are all options for no-contact physically distant outdoor activities in the winter
  • video game systems: a reward for bored kids? A way for parents to get some peace and quiet? Connected systems to allow kids another way to play with their friends, but not in person? Sure. It doesn’t hurt that the next generation of PlayStation and XBOX consoles will be available in November, also.
  • sheds, tiny houses, and granny pods: whatever you want to call them, these supplemental structures provide an option for additional office space, classrooms, and play space, as well as room for guest stays and clean socializing (keeping people out of the main home)

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