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Disinfecting Wipes Capacity Expansions Planned

Rockline Industries, a major supplier of private label wet wipes, announced it would be installing a $20 million production line to double its capacity to produce disinfection wipes. The equipment is custom designed by their engineering team and will be in operation by mid-2021.

The company noted that this investment was forward-looking. Randy Rudolph, president of Rockline Industries said, “We are making a huge investment in the future by installing the Galaxy line to ensure that our customers will be able to meet consumers’ increasing demand for disinfecting wipes.”

This is yet another industry response to try to increase disinfecting wipes capacity, something that it has been challenged to do since the pandemic took off globally. Leading suppliers had already noted that they didn’t expect to be able to adequately fulfill consumer demand for these products until 2021. Investments such as these are indications that suppliers believe that elevated demand for disinfecting wipes will remain high for the long term, outlasting the need associated with the current pandemic.

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