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With the Need to Expand Purell Sanitizer Production Even More, GOJO Changes Packaging to Speed the Process

GOJO has already added new facilities to expand manufacturing capacity as the company sought to double output of Purell hand sanitizers from 2019 levels. Now, the company has introduced new packaging to ensure it can get the product to first responders, schools, and other essential workers even faster. The new packaging is a shift from a traditional bottle with a pump dispenser closure to bottles that more closely resemble those used with hydrogen peroxide and liquid dish soap with flip-top closures.

As we noted in an entry on July 14, pump closures – like those common for hand soap and hand sanitizers – have become scarce as demand for hand soap and hand sanitizers has skyrocketed during the pandemic.

However, GOJO is concerned that this change in packaging away from traditional formats has left it more exposed to counterfeit product. In response, the company is making clients aware of the new packaging and the corresponding UPC codes for real items.

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