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After the Spike in the Spring, Meat Prices Are Falling

Meat prices at the grocery went up a lot in the 2nd quarter of 2020. They were driven by factors such as

  • grocery hoarding as consumers stocked up (including home freezers) for stay-at-home orders
  • supply chain challenges as grocery sales were way up, but commercial and institutional sales fell hard as schools and restaurants closed
  • meat processing companies closed facilities as COVID outbreaks took hold

So what’s behind the change now?

  • Consumer grocery shopping habits have leveled off as the initial panic has died down and some are now eating through their freezer stocks.
  • Meat processors are operating as usual, even with coronavirus safety measures in place.
  • Exports are down, as consumers are eating at home and tightening budgets leading to reduced meat consumption.
  • Supplies of live animals are up as cattle and hogs that did not go to slaughter as scheduled in the spring simply got fatter and a backlog remains, even though the fattier beef would otherwise generate higher prices.

As a result:

  • Farmers still struggle to make money on their live animals to be sold for meat.
  • Processors have a glut of supply, even as they worry about a return of the virus and additional shortages.
  • Packaged food companies that use meat (e.g., canned soups, frozen dinners) are starting to rebuild their supplies stocks while remaining concerned about additional future disruptions.
  • Consumers are seeing discounts on meat at grocery stores after seeing limits on purchase amounts in the spring. Those who might have sampled meat-free or plant-forward options when prices were high are migrating back toward more affordable meats.

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