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Effects from Closure of Movie Theaters Ripple Beyond the Entertainment Industry

Cineworld Group announced it would suspend operations at its more than 500 locations (including Regal Entertainment Group theaters in the US and Cineworld and Picturehouse theaters in the UK) beginning this coming Thursday, October 8. The company’s CEO Mooky Greidinger blamed the ongoing postponements of big-budget films, saying “We cannot operate for a long time without a product.”

The fallout for this closure ripples into areas such as the snack food and beverage industry and the suppliers of single-use products such as cups, straws, lids, trays, napkins, and popcorn containers.

Suppliers of soda and other beverages as well as of candy, popcorn, and other snack items have seen increased sales for home consumption, but many are still hurting from the closure of restaurants, bars, and theaters as well as few or no fans at sporting events.

Providers of packaging products – particularly cups and lids – have seen a particular hit, as there is no corresponding increase in home use. Although restaurant carryout and delivery has helped support demand for foodservice disposable products, many customers have chosen to forego picking up to-go beverages in favor of those they already have at home.

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