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Air Cleaners & Ventilation: Lowering Coronavirus Risks Indoors

Now that the CDC has officially listed COVID-19 as airborne and spread via aerosolized particles, the question becomes: what next?

Indoor air quality experts are touting adequate ventilation and air cleaning equipment as solutions.

But what should customers look for in air cleaning products?

  • HEPA filtration – although not sized to capture coronavirus particles themselves, these filters can capture the virus when it is encapsulated in respiratory droplets (from coughs, sneeze, talking, and singing)
  • Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) – look for a piece of equipment adequately sized for where it will be used so that all the air in the room is run through the machine at an appropriate rate to be effective

The use of air cleaners, as well as ventilation solutions from mechanical fresh air venting via a larger HVAC system to simply opening window and using fans, are key to allowing schools, businesses, and other facilities to safely operate indoors during the pandemic.

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