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More Major Companies Establishing a Permanent Work-From-Home Benefit

More major employers in the tech industry and beyond are reconsidering how employees need to operate and how much in-person face time is needed to be successful. For instance, this week, Microsoft announced a plan to allow employees to work remotely less than half their work hours once a return to the office is safe. Employees who want to work from home full-time or from a new location can do so with the approval of their manager (and with a possible adjustment in pay, if moving to a location with lower costs of living).

But what does this mean for the economy?  A lot, really. Here are just a few effects:

  • a realignment of commercial real estate as businesses figure out how much space they really need to operate
  • some migration away from areas with a high cost of living, to the beach location they’ve always dreamed about, closer to family members, or from home to an RV as they travel
  • wider spread existence of home offices, as more people look for housing with dedicated space for a home office or undertake a renovation to make that happen, especially among those using dining rooms and other common areas as temporary workspaces
  • expanded need for high-quality office furniture as remote workers move away from temporary set-ups at the dining room table or with a laptop on the couch
  • more home gardening, home cooking, and related projects, as lunch breaks are increasingly spent tending a garden or getting dinner started
  • less commuting, reducing less wear-and-tear on cars and convincing some families to give up a second car, leading to changes in the light vehicle industry
  • fewer meals eaten away from home, as workhours are spent just steps from the kitchen.

Some of these trends started during 2020, but if work-from-home becomes more widely seen as permanent, more workers will make purchases and lifestyle changes to make that new reality more comfortable and more fulfilling.

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