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With Smaller Holiday Gatherings, What Else Will Change? The Turkey

Earlier this year, as large gatherings were banned and families chose to delay celebrations and vacation in smaller groups, analysts from Packaged Facts and The Freedonia Group noted changing trends:

  • Costco shifted from its beloved half sheet cakes to emphasize its smaller 10” round cakes as more suitable for smaller celebrations or just at-home enjoyment (you know you want to).
  • Vacation rentals were readily available for large homes but were booked solid for smaller homes, as large multi-family vacations were canceled.
  • Large catered events were off, and venues closed.

Given this, how might the upcoming holiday season – traditionally a time of large, extended family gatherings – be different than in past years?

  • Smaller turkeys. Farmers and retailers are already preparing for families to host smaller gatherings with smaller birds.
  • Smaller seafood and appetizer platters. Grocers are developing smaller platters of shrimps and cocktail sauce and fruit, cheese, and crackers, presuming holiday gatherings will be smaller this year.
  • Smaller catered meal offerings. Grocers and caterers are offering smaller meals for 2-4 people as something to send as a gift to older family members who are unable to travel or for families hosting smaller gatherings but who still want all the trimmings.
  • Curbside carryout of family-style restaurant meals. These might be offered fully cooked or as prepped, uncooked meal kits. Families that are used to having holiday celebrations in restaurants will be looking for ways to have at-home dining without sacrificing the special foods of the season.

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