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COVID-19 Pandemic Continues to Alter Roofing Industry

The roofing industry has always necessitated people had to work in close proximity for prolonged periods of time, which has become less than ideal during the pandemic. Roofing contractors across the US have worked to implement social distancing at job sites as elsewhere – such as by having workers space out at a construction site and by insisting that employees travel separately. However, some companies are looking to use technology to eliminate visits to the job site altogether – the ultimate in social distancing.

SRS Distribution – one of the nation’s leading distributors of roofing and other building materials – entered into a partnership with Hover, a provider of 3D imaging technologies. Through this partnership, customers of SRS Distribution can use Hover’s apps to create 3D images, measurements, and blueprints. Not only can this reduce the amount of time needed to develop these documents, Hover’s apps allow this work to be done remotely – allowing contractors and home and business owners to stay at safe distances from each other.

In a related vein, the Boral introduced a Virtual Design Center that allows roofers, designers, and homeowners to view its full array of products, including clay and concrete roofing tiles, metal roofing, and related components and accessories. Homeowners see how a product would look once it’s installed on their homes, and they can use the center to hold real-time meetings with construction professionals – perhaps the safest way to meet nowadays!

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, it is expected that more and more companies will adopt technologies that allow construction professionals and homeowners to meet remotely – and safely. Will use of these technologies continue after the pandemic subsides? Time will tell, but convenience and the willingness to make use of investments point toward yes.

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