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Indoor Air Quality Is a Priority in Retail Stores

Discount grocery retailer Lidl has announced that it has installed hospital-grade air filtration systems in all its stores. These systems are rated 13 MERV or higher and are able to help filter out virus particles such as those associated with COVID-19.

Lidl claims to be the first grocery retailer to have installed such high level air filtration systems across its network of stores. However, indoor air quality will continue to be an issue in this coming season and beyond as customers look for reassurance that it is safe to spend time in brick-and-mortar outlets.

In the August 2020 edition of The Freedonia Group’s National Online Consumer Survey, 66% of respondents noted that they were shopping online more and 63% noted that they are shopping in stores less because of the coronavirus. Indoor air quality improvements are one step that outlets can take to provide an additional level of safety and reassurance to customers.

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