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Packaging: With Pandemic Adaptations Come Opportunities for New Solutions

Mask wearing is now the norm in retail outlets in much of the US and beyond.

However, customers – particularly those who are sensitive to fragrances – still want to test the smell of a product before buying it.

At the same time, suppliers of personal care products, cleaning products, and food items are trying to reduce shrinkage and waste that stems from a person opening a product and then deciding not to buy it. These same suppliers are also sensitive to consumer calls for packaging that protects the integrity of the product and can show if the product has been tampered with prior to purchase.

Tekni-Plex introduced a new packaging seal with Sniff Seal technology that allows the scent of the product to come through without the need to open it, which compromises the seal and integrity of the product. According to the company, the scent coming through will be strong enough to smell even through a mask.

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