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Tired Cooks, Unskilled Cooks, & Kids Boosting Sales of Processed & Convenience Foods

Recently, the New Yorker published an article talking about how even the most enthusiastic cooks are finding meal preparation becoming a joyless pursuit these days. Cooking has become less something they choose to do and more something they have to do…Three. Times. Per. Day.

Meanwhile, leading meat processor Tyson’s CEO Dean Banks noted that retail demand for its prepared items surged during its most recent quarter and said, “Consumers are really getting tired of cooking at home.”

However, processed and prepared foods are up not just because people are tired of cooking, although many are. Additionally:

  • More people who would have otherwise have grabbed drive through or eaten out are now cooking and eating at home, where they are looking for similarly convenient options.
  • People who do not consider themselves useful cooks and do not want to become cooks are still being forced to eat largely at home by circumstances of work (at home or out of work) or by lack of availability of restaurants.
  • Parents are looking for easy things that older children who are doing remote learning can cook so they can help themselves to a easy meal or snack.  

There are opportunities in addressing these customers as well as joyless chefs. Most consumers are looking for easy, quick, comforting, healthy meal and snack options, whether as a regular thing or just to take the pressure off on days they just don’t feel like cooking anymore.

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