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Sanitizers, Wipes, & Masks Became Holiday Gift Options…Because 2020

Many families have their “practical gifts” traditions during the holiday season. Maybe they discover new toothbrushes in stockings from Santa, maybe they find new pajamas gift wrapped under the tree, or maybe socks and underwear are traditional Hanukkah gifts one night. This year, for many, hand sanitizer, new masks, and containers of disinfecting wipes made appearances in stockings and gift exchanges.

In the spirit of the traditional song “The Twelve Days of Christmas”, here is a list of what those gifts might be for 2020 as we think back to all the things that suddenly became hard to find, key parts of our household stockpiles, or things that we never thought we needed until this pandemic year.

On the 12th day of Christmas, my true love gave to me….

  • 12 bottles of hand sanitizer
  • 11 packs of cleaning wipes
  • 10 packs of toilet paper
  • 9 reusable masks
  • 8 jigsaw puzzles
  • 7 takeout meals
  • 6 DIY home projects
  • 5 streaming services
  • 4 garden plots
  • 3 comfy chairs
  • 2 internet boosters
  • And a kiddie pool in the backyard!

Happy holidays from the family, including The Freedonia Group, Packaged Facts, Simba Information, and Profound.

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