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Will the Pandemic Lead to More Veganism? “Veganuary” Campaign Expecting to Have Record Number of Participants in 2021

Many people have discovered that they changed their eating habits during the COVID-19 pandemic. For most people, this was shifting from dining out to cooking at home or at least eating at home with carryout meals.

However, others found that they shifted what they ate as well. For instance, while 59% of respondents to The Freedonia Group National Online Consumer Survey in November 2020 reported eating more comfort foods because of the coronavirus pandemic, 45% reported that they were eating more healthily because of the pandemic. With many people still concerned about the health effects of the COVID-19 virus for themselves or their families, many people sought to eat better to improve their personal health.

Combining these pandemic effects with the growing availability of vegan and otherwise plant-forward food options in stores and restaurants, the promoters of Veganuary – a pledge to eat meat-free for the month of January – expect record participation.  

In fact, there is already a growing community of vegetarian, vegan, and flexitarian consumers. Our August 2020 national online consumer survey indicated that only 3% of respondents identified as vegan, but that number is growing as most people who follow this eating philosophy are new to it. Nearly one-third reported that they started eating vegan in 2000, and 20% started eating vegan in 2019.

Additionally, there is a growing number of people eating more plant-forward diets. In the same August 2020 survey, 5% identified as vegetarian and 36% said they follow a flexitarian diet in that they regularly incorporate vegetarian or vegan meals. These are consumers – an additional 41% of the population – who would be open to eating vegan packaged foods and vegan meals from restaurants or to cooking vegan meals at home.

With the proliferation of meat and dairy analogues – including versions with a taste and texture to please even a devoted meat eater – it is increasingly easy for more consumers to sample plant-forward eating and incorporate more of it into their routine meals.

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