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Ready-to-Bake v. Ready-to-Eat: You Can Now Get Both From Pillsbury as the Company Preps For a Post-COVID World

The coronavirus pandemic left many of use ready to eat ALL. THE. COOKIES.

In The Freedonia Group National Online Consumer survey (conducted November-December 2020), 51% of respondents agreed that they were eating more snacks and treats because of the coronavirus pandemic, and 25% of those who bake noted that they have baked more since the start of the pandemic.

However, in 2021 we are also looking to see where we go next…how many pandemic habits will we continue and what can companies do to support customers continuing habits started or expanded during the pandemic?

For instance, General Mills’ Pillsbury line – one known for ready-to-bake cookies, crusts, biscuits, and crescent rolls – is launching its first ready-to-eat baked cookie with a line of packaged cookies with a soft texture reminiscent of home-baked versions. As pandemic restrictions ease and we return to a world with daily commutes and kids eating lunch at school, consumers will seek more convenience for their indulgences, creating space in the market for products that give us a feeling of comfort with additional convenience.

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