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COVID-Era Home Renovations Include Comfort Features: Surge in Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling Boosts Demand for Radiant Flooring Heating

The COVID-19 pandemic has sparked a surge in home remodeling activity as homebound consumers looked to upgrade their residences to make them more functional by adding (home) office spaces and gyms. However, many homeowners – perhaps feeling the need to treat themselves as they muddle through the discomfort of a pandemic era – also opted to upgrade their homes by adding a feature or two that amplifies their comfort. One such example is including radiant floor heating during the renovation of kitchens, bathrooms, and other rooms. To many, a warm floor is the ultimate in cozy comfort.

This rising demand for radiant floor heating systems will also support demand for a wide range of other building materials, key among them:

  • pipe, particularly PEX pipe valued for its flexibility
  • related plumbing products, such as fittings, valves, pipe supports, and manifolds that help direct water flows in the system
  • upgraded water heating systems, such as tankless systems that also offer enhanced energy efficiency

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