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Rising Demand for Plastic Bags Spurs Increases in Production Capacity

The plastic bag – often derided by environmentalists and subjected to prohibitions on its use – has seen a comeback due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Indeed, demand for plastic bags has risen over the past year, supported by such factors as:

  • increasing shipments of packages bought and sold through e-commerce, as plastic bags are often used to wrap items in packages prior to shipment
  • consumer interest in disposable packaging due to concerns about minimizing the spread of the coronavirus
  • strong growth in the use of single-use medical devices, nearly all of which are packaged in plastic bags for ease of use and sterility

With these factors providing a boost to the industry, it is no surprise that many leading flexible packaging suppliers are looking for ways to expand production. A recent article highlighted the efforts of one leading flexible plastic packaging producer – Pregis – to do so by adding a bag manufacturing plant in Wisconsin and a facility that makes the equipment used to produce bags. Not only did these moves double the space at a manufacturing plant, but this expansion will enable additional increases production capacity in the future.

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