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Summer is Coming…Vacci-cation, Anyone?

Through the coronavirus pandemic, many workers with paid time off benefits chose to hoard their time off: waiting for economic or job stability…waiting for events to resume…waiting for resorts to reopen…waiting for international travel to open up or become easier…waiting for enough of a sense of safety to explore and gather.

2020 was a time of backyard staycations. Homeowners installed pools, patios, fire pits, outdoor movie screens, and outdoor kitchens. They nurtured gardens and bought comfy furniture and portable heaters. They made their yards a place to gather safely and entertain the kids as summer camps and sports leagues were restricted or closed.

Now that more people are getting vaccinated and restrictions on traveling and gathering are loosening, what kind of summer can we expect for 2021?

  • PTO will be used. People are feeling more confident and those who have PTO benefits will enjoy at least some of it this year with extended weekend holidays and longer trips.
  • We won’t fully unplug. Remote work will enable some to relocate for longer periods to combine work and play in a vacation setting.
  • Staycations will stay. Those who couldn’t get a pool or other sought-after summer item in 2020 will likely have better luck finding it this year. Additionally, while most children are still not yet able to be vaccinated, many families remain reluctant to travel or reengage in sports leagues or other camps
  • Gardens are back. Some pandemic habits will remain as spring spending at lawn and garden retailers indicate many are planning to keep their gardens going or start new ones in 2021.

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