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What’s Behind the Ketchup Crisis? Carryout, Comfort Foods, & Hygiene Concerns

The Ketchup Crisis of 2021 is a thing.

But what’s behind it? Three basic trends are listed here and illustrated by data from the February–March edition of The Freedonia Group National Online Consumer Survey:

  • Carryout. 51% of respondents say they used restaurant curbside pickup or carryout options more because of the pandemic, while 37% say they used food delivery services (e.g., restaurants’ own delivery, Grubhub, Uber Eats, DoorDash) more because of the pandemic. This has boosted the need for to-go condiment packets. Individual cups filled by the restaurant is an option, but one that increases the likelihood of a spill and a mess before it gets to the consumer.  
  • Comfort Foods. 35% of respondents note that they are eating more “comfort” foods because of the pandemic. This trend is highest among people aged 18-39, who are less likely to be concerned about the health impacts of these foods. To many US consumers, “comfort” eating means more French fries, hamburgers, and other foods frequently dressed with ketchup.
  • Hygiene Concerns. 76% still think that the coronavirus pandemic is a health threat to them, personally, while 84% think it’s a health threat to their family and friends. Those who express highest levels of concern are most likely to stay away from community condiments (even where they are available, given local health department restrictions on their use in many areas) and prefer single-use packets as more hygienic options.

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