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March Retail Sales Report: Surge in Sales by Building Materials & Garden Supply Retailers

The release of the March retail sales report by the US Department of Commerce showed that building materials and garden equipment and supplies retailers had an especially strong month, reporting sales gains of over 40% compared to February. Furthermore, March sales were more than 20% higher than those reported last year.

Sales increases by building materials and garden equipment and supplies retailers were due to a number of factors, key among them:

  • restocking by contractors and other construction professionals in preparation of the spring construction season
  • moderate weather throughout much of the US, which allowed by contractors and DIYers to get an early start on new projects
  • continuing demand for new housing, boosting sales of lumber, engineered wood, fasteners, and power tools – all of which are frequently purchased at big box retailers
  • elevated prices for lumber, construction fasteners, and plumbing pipe and fittings needed for a wide range of building projects
  • homeowners purchasing new lawn mowers and tractors and other related equipment in anticipation of a new season of yardwork

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