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Pandemic-Era Interest in Health Has Boosted the Plant-Based Foods Industry: New Developments

  • Beyond Meat introduced an improved version of its flagship product – Beyond Burger 3.0 – that  is due to appear in grocery stores in May and in restaurants in June. The company has continued to improve the taste and texture of its products with the goal of converting more meat-lovers, particularly once they reach price parity with beef (a goal they hope to achieve by 2024).
  • Beyond Meat is developing a chicken alternative product that will possibly launch this summer. The company had previously offered a plant-based chicken product through KFC but was not available through retail.
  • Epicurious announced that it stopped publishing new beef recipes in 2019 as part of an effort to encourage more sustainable cooking and that it now includes a wider variety of vegetarian, vegan, or simply plant-forward recipes.

The February-March edition of The Freedonia Group National Online Consumer Survey highlighted pandemic-era interest in eating better as 37% of respondents said they were eating more healthy because of the pandemic. This trend, coupled with more consumers looking to eat in a more healthy way, willing to try new foods, and curious about or actively looking to live more sustainably, will continue to propel the plant-based food industry forward.

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