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Shortage of Truckers Among Causes of Supply Chain Issues Across the US

Recently we posted on this page an article about the rising costs of so many things, from groceries and consumer goods to building materials. While there are a number of factors driving up costs, one that is seldom appreciated by the consumer is the trucker shortage – the people who drive the trucks that carry products across the US. This dearth of drivers is a key reason why store shelves are lacking inventory – in many cases, there is simply no one to take finished products to warehouses and retailers.

Indeed, while this is not a new concern, the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated the shortage of long-haul truckers in the US, precisely at a time when more of these professionals are needed to cope with the surge in e-commerce and deliveries of foodstuffs and other items. Key causes of the trucker shortage include:

  • low wages relative to other traditionally “blue-collar” jobs
  • long hours and frequent periods of absence from family and friends, which make it difficult for people to remain in the industry
  • frequent delays in unloading and loading trucks, which can limit the amount of time drivers can actually spend on the road – drivers are generally paid by the mile, so these delays literally cost drivers time and money
  • frustrations about a lack of safety protocols (such as access to masks and PPE) during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • the lack of younger truckers to replace older drivers retiring out of the industry
  • competition from last-mile and short-haul driving jobs that have boomed along with e-commerce and food delivery, but often require less training and definitely require more regular scheduling and/or less time away from home

With no immediate solution to this shortage of long-haul professionals on the horizon, logistics professionals will continue to look for creative solutions while manufacturers, store managers, and – ultimately – the US consumer will continue to experience higher prices and delivery delays.

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