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Why is Gardening Trending in the Media… in January?

You might have noticed as we have that both the Wall Street Journal and The Guardian (and I’m sure others) have articles about gardening trending on their pages.

But… isn’t it January? Many of us are wearing winter coats and the eastern US is digging out from a winter storm. This is well outside the typical growing season for much of the US, as well as Canada, Europe, and more.

But what makes us think about gardening in winter… and, by extension, why might the pandemic gardening boom be one that sticks with us?

  • Gardening is productive. We get something out of it and success involves improving skills.
  • Gardening is meditative and soothing. It is quiet and can be solitary.
  • Gardening is community. We share seeds, seedlings, ideas, our harvest.
  • Gardening is hope. We plant with the hope that they will bloom, no matter how tumultuous our world.
  • Gardening is nurturing. We care for the plants to help them grow. (Ever heard of “Plant Parents?” Ask a younger person)
  • Gardening is exercise. We work hard pulling weeds, digging dirt, and bending and stooping to harvest.
  • Gardening can be done by anyone. Don’t have a yard? Get some pots or join a community garden.
  • Gardening is for all ages. The idea of the retired person spending their days in the garden is real (it takes time!), but how many of us first learned about plant varieties as children from our grandparents or did our first gardening as chores for our parents, community service, or a summer job?
  • Gardening is COVID-safe… as much as things can be anyway. We’re outside in the fresh air, often socially distanced.

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