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Our Pandemic Habits…and the Smells in Our Homes

Did you get a pet? Did your gym routine move to your family room? Did you start cooking more, including fish? Did your work-at-home habits downgrade your self-care? Does your home smell like it?

More and more people are concerned about this, especially as higher rates of vaccinations and booster doses have many of us more comfortable bringing friends and family back into our homes for visits.

Consumers increasingly sought out air cleaners and ventilation systems to improve our indoor air quality in recent years. Earlier adopters of home air treatment systems were often seeking a way to help with allergies, from dust to pet dander, which often build up in our homes. Others added the systems out of concern about volatile organic chemicals off-gassing from materials (e.g., carpets, paint, glues) used in our homes. More recently, we sought treatments from high-tech (HEPA filters) to low-tech (mechanical ventilation and opening windows) to make our homes and businesses healthier and safer in a COVID era.

But what about the smells? Many air treatment systems include carbon filters to help with odor removal, but they work best if the system is sized for the room it is in. Additionally, anything that allows air exchange – whether fresh from outdoors or from moving through an air cleaning system – will help with odor removal.

Of course, tackling odors at the source are still important…and industries are looking for opportunities there as well. For example, kitty litter that doesn’t have the kitty litter smell, wipes for in between the dog’s bath, sprays and detergent to tackle laundry smells, and candles and sprays from light and natural to perfumed exist or are entering the market to help us out.

But still, don’t forget to go outside…and open that window when you can!

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