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Electric RVs: Next Step For Zero-Emission Travel

Winnebago and Thor Industries both announced a new type of concept recreational vehicles this week: all-electric, zero emission RVs.

RVs are a hot business right now as Americans are looking for pandemic-safe ways to travel and are enjoying a resurgence in camping and outdoor leisure. Since manufacturers are flush with cash, it's a good time for them to invest in next-gen technology and EVs have to be part of that.

Although the current range is still too limited to accommodate a traveler looking to cover maximum miles in a day, many RVers wouldn't mind stopping every couple of hours to have a meal, take a nap, stretch their legs, or see a tourist spot. As fast-charging stations proliferate, this will become less of a challenge. Additionally, some RV travelers use their vehicles within a few hundred miles of their homes (e.g., tail gating at sports events/concerts, day trips, as a weekend retreat), so the range isn’t a problem if they can recharge at their destination.

Plus, the range is bound to improve along with battery innovations and additional changes to RV design. Current versions of RVs use a lot of fuel (gasoline or diesel) anyway and have to stop regularly to refuel... there is certainly a market for cleaner and more efficient vehicles, including those that make use of solar panels to recharge off the grid.

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