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Plan for National Network of EV Stations Shows Increasing Role of Electric Vehicles

The US government recently announced a $5 billion spending plan to construct a national network of charging stations for electric vehicles (EVs). The plan, which will call for the building of these stations mainly along the nation’s interstate highway network, is expected to create an infrastructure of charging stations that will allow people with electric vehicles to more easily cross the US.

Details of the plan include:

  • Stations will be erected no more than 50 miles apart – making it easier for drivers to plan when and where they can recharge.
  • Stations must be located no more than one mile from a highway, ensuring that drivers can easily find these stations.
  • Each station will have at least four fast-charging ports, which will allow for multiple drivers to quickly charge their vehicles – akin to visiting a gas station.

This plan reflects the increasing popularity and sales of EVs. While Tesla is the company that currently leads in the production of EVs, numerous manufacturers are working to get more of these vehicles – both passenger cars and larger trucks – on the road, as evidenced by the high number of orders for Ford’s electric pickup trucks. These EVs will be fighting for spots at this new network of charging stations.

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