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The Need for Change as More Workers Are Called to Return to Offices

The old adage follows that you can’t do what you always did and expect different results. As infection rates ease and pandemic fatigue hits us all big-time, many of us are ready for “normal”. But what is that? A life that looks like 2019 with the same commute, the same office, the same lunch routine, the same happy hours, the same gym, concerts and events at the same venues?

But infectious disease experts say that this won’t be our last global pandemic of an airborne virus. So what then?

Infectious disease experts also agree that there are reasonably accessible ways we can improve public health now and for future cold, flu, or other outbreaks with little or no change in habits by workers and event attendees. These measures include:

  • Ventilation – out with the old air and in with the new air! Even where windows can’t be opened, HVAC systems can be designed to have appropriate rates of fresh air exchange.
  • Filtration – HEPA filters are still the gold standard for air cleaning, but an increasing number of systems also include ultraviolet lights in ducts or at air exchange points to kill viral particles in the air.
  • Hand hygiene – hand washing is never a bad idea.
  • Routine cleaning of frequently user surfaces – while most infectious disease experts believe we have been over-cleaning our buildings given that COVID-19 is airborne, routine disinfecting of high-touch areas such as phones, desks, elevator buttons, bathroom faucets, and community coffee pots contribute to reducing spread of other illnesses.

Plexiglass barriers between certain types of workers – e.g., cashiers, receptionists – and the public may also continue to be helpful as mask wearing eases. Many think of these as the sneeze guards for the modern era.

Freedonia analysts will continue to watch for innovations in building air quality as well as preferences of occupants, builders, and owners to see how our construction elements can contribute to overall worker wellness and productivity.

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