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Close the Loop: Turning One Industry’s Waste Into New Products

Most of us know the old phrase “One person’s trash is another person’s treasure”, and this article about a company that converts decommissioned airplane cabins into pod-style units for home offices, children’s play space, and guest spaces illustrates that old adage still holds.

In a world where “green cred” is often a marketing advantage, building a business or product line using some sort of waste product has its advantages. In many cases, there are cost advantages too. For industries that see the material as waste, it’s a cost. They must pay for the waste to be taken away to a landfill or recycling facility. In those cases, it can be an advantage to give companies seeking to repurpose the waste a very good deal to take it away. Doing so also helps the company that created the waste to be able to show customers and shareholders that it is responsibly dealing with its materials or products at the end of their useful lives, something that is increasingly part of how a company is evaluated. If a business operates under an extended producer responsibility law, the need is ever more urgent.

In the end, creativity is the name of the game as firms seek to reduce landfilled waste and create business opportunities from waste.  

Freedonia analysts will continue to stay on top of ways industries reduce their waste and track their products through the end of their useful lives, sometimes creating new business opportunities.

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