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Post-COVID Plans: Weddings, Working Out, Traveling, and…

Did you put off some a life event because of the pandemic? You’re not alone. This year’s wedding season is forecast to be one of the busiest in recent years with the number of couples expected to marry rising 15% over recent norms.

Do you have a bad pandemic habit to break? You’re not alone there either. Despite our increased healthy habits like hiking and walking the new dog and trying plant-based foods, the “quarantine 17” (pounds, that is) and increased drinking habits were the flip side. Many of us are now looking for ways to break some of our less-than-healthy habits.

Are you sick of your own backyard? Well, despite the continued investment in home spaces, some people are. The cruise industry is looking at a rebound in bookings and booking sites such as Vrbo, Airbnb, KAYAK, and others are seeing strong demand for spring and summer travel despite high gas prices and rising airline ticket rates.

Key business opportunities in the coming months and next few years are going to center around things we missed out on or what will help us return to “normal” (whatever that is). This will include services as well as related products and equipment from save-the-date magnets and formal apparel to workout gear to luggage and more. The challenge will be for companies needing to have the staff and products to accommodate this shift in demand.

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