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What Will It Take to Make Remote Workers OK With Returning to the Office?

Freedonia’s analyst, editorial, economist, custom research, and marketing teams assembled in person at the Cleveland, Ohio office this week along with new staff in business development and the content team from Simba Publishing, our sister published brand. We shared ideas, developed new plans, discussed the factors in play underlying changes in our economy, and shared how key trends impact activity across industries. Our space included open and spaced out meeting areas, open windows kept the air flowing, and we used technology to include those who were unable to join us in person.

What would it take to make workers comfortable in the office? Two factors jump out. Clean air and lower commuting costs:

  • Wellness factors have long ranked high for many workers. Is the facility clean? Are there hygiene measures in place? How is the air quality? These trends accelerated in the pandemic era as workers prioritized the use of air filtration, ventilation systems, humidifiers/dehumidifiers, and indoor plants as ways to keep workers healthy. More companies and commercial building owners upgraded their HVAC systems, often incorporating HEPA filtration or improved fresh air exchange capabilities.
  • Commuting costs have more recently become an issue. With gas prices rising to levels not seen in decades, workers wonder why they have to spend more money to get to work when they were able to do their work remotely without the cost and time of commuting. Some companies are organizing carpool groups among workers or hiring a company to provide free vanpooling for multiple workers from multiple central locations. Other companies are offering bonuses, sometimes in the form of gas cards, to workers who return to the office more often.

Either way, businesses will continue to use creative responses and investments in their workers to retain staff. The most successful businesses will make the measures they incorporate meaningful to their particular staffs. The health of the commercial real estate market and business districts around the world rely on getting this balance right.

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