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Rising Prices Are Another Reason for Out-of-Stocks at Grocery Retailers

Grocers are pushing back against food suppliers over rising prices.

Some grocers are refusing to stock goods if the food suppliers can't justify their price increases, won't negotiate, or won't delay price increases...especially if they have a similar item (e.g., another brand, same product in a different package size, fresh v. frozen) that is selling well.

This is expected to have an effect on product assortment at your local grocery store. There will likely be fewer new products, more store brands, possibly fewer specialty items, and different cuts/types of meat, among other effects.

Even if the negotiations with food suppliers don’t result in lower prices, it's good press for the grocers to be able to tell their shoppers they are fighting for them.

On the other side of the coin, food suppliers know they have to watch out for customers who might find alternatives and start switching which products they buy. While they have to guard against loss of profit margins, it's expensive to win back a customer after they have developed new shopping habits.

Our expectation is that this trend is not limited to food and will also be happening – where it isn’t already – in other markets and industries hit harder by inflation. More companies are pushing back (where they have the power) and seeking alternatives.

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