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Disposable Face Mask Market Size

World-wide demand for disposable face masks and respirators jumped in 2020 as countries worked to bring the coronavirus pandemic under control. However, improved access to vaccines and pandemic fatigue are expected to impact the market in 2021.

Lighting Fixture Series

Ongoing efforts to reduce energy costs and address sustainability goals will lead to increased investment in LED and Smart Lighting fixtures. The continued growth in Outdoor Living spaces will help drive gains in the residential sector.

Global Siding Series

Weakened global building construction activity due to the COVID-19 pandemic will cause siding demand to decline in 2020, but the market is expected to rebound quickly in 2021 as case numbers fall, economies reopen, and building activity returns to normal levels.

Fencing Series

Metal, which accounted for the leading share of fencing demand in 2019, is expected to drive the majority of demand gains through 2024. Despite the dominance of metal, demand for plastic fencing is expected to grow most quickly, though wood and metal fencing markets will remain much larger.

Elastomers Series

Global demand for thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) is forecast to expand 3.0% annually through 2024 to 7.0 million metric tons. TPEs will continue to gain market share at the expense of plastics, thermoset rubbers, and metal.

Pipe Series

Demand for pipe in the US is projected to rebound from a low 2019 base. Increases in water and sewer construction spending will be a major driver of growth. On the other hand, a weaker economic outlook will depress construction and oil and gas drilling activity for some time, constraining demand in these major applications for pipe.

Global Agricultural Equipment Series

Through 2024, farm tractors and harvesting machinery are forecast to account for 53% of all new agricultural equipment demand. Tractors will continue to be the most widely used product throughout the world. Farmers will continue to invest in more advanced harvesters because of the productivity gains such technologies offer.

Nonwovens Series

The COVID-19 pandemic had a varied impact on the US market for nonwovens in 2020. The supply chain for medical masks, in particular, has faced significant challenges during the pandemic. In response to surging demand, companies increased production capacity and ran factories 24 hours a day to meet demand for nonwovens and their downstream products.

Wood Panels Series

The large construction market is expected to account for two-thirds of wood panel demand gains through 2024. Wood panels will find increased use in such applications as finish flooring, subflooring, and wall sheathing.

Pouches Series

The large construction market is expected to account for two-thirds of wood panel demand gains through 2024. Wood panels will find increased use in such applications as finish flooring, subflooring, and wall sheathing.

Retail Bag Industry Trends

The retail bag industry is an industry in transition, buffeted not only by larger factors like the rise of e-commerce and curbside pickup & delivery for restaurants, but also by changing regulations & consumer preferences, as well as retailer responses to these changes.

Frozen Food Packaging

Continued robust consumer demand for convenience foods will help drive advances in frozen food packaging, with food processors increasingly opting for higher value packaging options in an effort to make their products stand out.

Commercial Refrigeration Equipment

The rapid growth in e-commerce will lead to renewed investment in refrigeration equipment that facilitates the shifting needs of businesses.

Global Engine Oils

Growth in engine oil demand will slow as improved engine technologies and the rise of electric vehicles offsets increased shipping as countries recover from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Global Automotive Coatings

Rising production of motor vehicles in Asia and the Africa/Mideast region will support increases in global automotive coatings demand

Global Double-Sided Tapes

The increased use of tapes in bonding applications (at the expense of mechanical fasteners and liquid adhesives), as well as expanding healthcare access, will support growth in the global double-sided tapes market.

Global Pesticides

The global market for pesticides will continue to face challenges as rising pesticide resistance in weeds, concerns about commercial pesticide impacts on pollinators, and rising consumer interest in organic and natural pesticides impact the market in different ways.

Lawn Mowers

Consumers continue to shop interest in battery powered mowers as ongoing product development enables more powerful mowers with longer lasting batteries. Robotic mowers in particular will experience robust growth through 2024.

Global Lubricants

Global lubricant demand will surpass 2019 levels by 2024 as a growing middle class in developing countries spurs expansion of the motor vehicle pool. Over the long term the rising use of electric vehicles will begin to impact consumption and lead to growing demand for new fluid types.

Global Industrial Valves

Global industrial valve demand will experience a health rebound from pandemic level lows in 2020, with new product designs and rising automation driving the adoption of higher value products.

Global Agricultural Equipment

Global agricultural equipment demand will rise through 2024 supported by a rebound in China as well as rising adoption of more advanced equipment in developed economies, particularly in North America.

Indoor Air Quality Equipment

Following a pandemic-driven surge in demand, sales of indoor air quality equipment will stabilize, with growth largely coming from replacement media.

Hardscaping Products

Continued growth in the trend toward outdoor living will help drive the hardscaping products market in the US through 2024.

Residential Landscaping

Following a surge during the pandemic residential landcaping product sales in the US will continue to growth, though at a more modest pace as trends such as outdoor living and increased backyard gardening continue to support demand.

Global Carpets & Rugs

Continued growth in new residential construction, particularly in the Asia/Pacific region, will help support a rise in global carpet and rug sales. This help offset weakness in the large US market where hard surface flooring continutes to make market share gains.