Smart lighting controls accounted for 63% of smart lighting sales in 2017. Smart lighting controls include lighting-specific control devices separate from any light source or fixture, such as: • centralized lighting system control boxes • lighting-specific smart home hubs and bridges • smart light switches and dimmers

Sales of plastic residential doors is forecast to advance 4.4% per year to $2.2 billion in 2022. Faster sales gains are projected for the new construction market, as builders increasingly recognize the performance benefits of vinyl and fiberglass exterior doors and their attractiveness to potential homeowners.

Demand for pipe in behind the wall (BTW) plumbing is expected to grow 5.0% annually to $6.5 billion in 2022. Plastic pipe – which overtook metal pipe’s share of value demand in 2017 – will see the more rapid advances going forward, totaling $3.6 billion in 2022.

US demand for smart and connected thermostats is forecast to increase 23% per year through 2022 to 14.5 million units – largely tracking value demand trends but at a significantly faster pace due to falling prices – with smart thermostats siphoning market share away from connected types.

Through 2022, demand for precast concrete infrastructure construction products is expected to increase 4.4% annually to $2.4 billion. Growth will be fueled by: • the need to repair the nation’s aging network of bridges, highways, roads and railroad tracks • increased adoption of precast concrete over less expensive site-poured concrete as more government officials recognize that the long-term cost savings provided by its durability outweigh short term considerations • efforts by the federal government to increase spending on new infrastructure, particularly if the US Congress passes a significant new funding bill

Demand for I&I hand cleansers is forecast to rise 3.4% annually through 2022 to $926 million, with gains boosted by: • growing utilization of healthcare by an aging US population • increasing concerns regarding infectious disease – in particular in healthcare and other institutional settings • greater awareness of hand washing as effective disease prevention Nonetheless, faster growth in demand for hand cleansers will be restrained by a high degree of market penetration of hand cleansers and concerns surrounding the growing prevalence of antibacterial resistance, in particular among HAIs.

Natural and organic lawn and garden consumables are growing in popularity but are expected to remain a niche with less than 10% of overall sales through 2022. Organic pesticides are both the largest and fastest growing organic product type, as consumers increasingly view the chemicals used in traditional pesticides as unsafe.

Demand for disposable diabetes testing supplies is expected to increase 5.1% annually to more than $3.9 billion in 2022. Factors underlying growth will include an increasing number of diagnosed diabetes cases, preferences for higher value-added consumables, and trends promoting greater preventive medicine activities.

Demand for duct tape is projected to increase 3.6% per year to $403 million in 2022, above the average of PSA tape overall. Rising spending on building and construction will boost demand for HVAC systems, which will support sales of higher-value professional grade duct tape, driving dollar gains.

Demand for outdoor kitchen cooking fixtures is projected to climb 5.4% annually to $325 million in 2022. Gains will be driven by: • ongoing development of high-end grills (e.g., with infrared heating elements, integrated smoker boxes, and LED-illuminated controls), supporting pricing growth and value gains • increasing interest in artisanal grilling, encouraging the use of high-end specialty fixtures like kamados and pellet grills, supporting value gains • rising interest in installing multiple cooking fixtures – including lower-cost add-ons like side burners and other peripherals – to enhance an outdoor kitchen’s functionality