Despite steep near-term losses across the motor vehicle industry due to the pandemic, TPE suppliers targeting the Asia/Pacific region will benefit from emerging motor vehicle markets in such countries as China, India, and Thailand.

Freedonia Group's new series of roofing studies shares opportunities and challenges of different materials and product types.

Still a small segment of the global TPE market - thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPUs) are favored in 3D printing applications.

While outdoor seating has helped mitigate revenue losses caused by restrictions on dine-in foodservice during the COVID-19 pandemic to an extent, restaurants face an uncertain fall and winter.

This announcement reflects two somewhat contradictory yet American trends.

Egg cartons will continue to account for the second largest portion of molded pulp sales.

US demand for egg cartons is forecast to increase 3.6% per year to $612 million (equivalent to 4.7 billion units) in 2024.

Professional hand tool sales will, in part, be supported by an increase in the number of automotive service technicians and mechanics.

LLDPE accounted for 46% of plastic film demand in 2019 based on its low cost, versatility, and good barrier properties, and will remain the leading plastic film resin through 2024.

A Freedonia Group analysis projects the world market for turbines and related products to rise 3.2% annually to $214 billion in 2024.