Major trends supporting growth of landscaping product sales have seen increased intensity as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to consumer goods category manager Jennifer Mapes-Christ, “2020 was a time of backyard staycations.

Robust growth for specialty ceiling products will be driven by increased penetration in all regional markets.

Demand is expected to rebound at a healthy rate in 2021 for packaging and shipping tape as manufacturing activity rises over the course of the year.

The $6 billion global market for double-sided tapes is poised for strong expansion through 2025.

Our new study projects India will be the world’s fastest growing national market for HVAC equipment through 2025.

Carlisle Companies, a leading supplier of commercial construction products, announced that it planned to acquire Henry Company, a leading major supplier of products for the building envelope.

Our new analysis forecasts global demand for ceiling products to rise 4.7% per year to $8.4 billion in 2025.

Increased use of value-added boxes, such as those with retail-ready features designed to reduce labor costs, will be a key driver of market growth.

Suppliers of fresh produce corrugated boxes and other types of produce packaging will see lasting benefits from the surge in online grocery delivery and pickup orders seen during the pandemic.