Pavers examines the US paver industry by product, market, and material. Historical data (2010, 2015, and 2020) and forecasts for 2025 and 2030 are presented for paver demand in current US dollars (including inflation) and in units.

Home design trends will continue to bolster demand growth for bricks and pavers, according to our new analysis.

Installing new patios was one of the big trends of the home-renovation boom of the pandemic, as consumers sought to expand the amount of space available in their yards for activities such as gardening, cooking, entertaining, swimming, or just enjoying the scenery.

Global demand for silicones is forecast to rise 7.1% per year to $22.0 billion equivalent to 2.9 million metric tons in 2025.

Western Europe potentially represents a major growth market for residential air conditioning equipment.

Through 2025, boiler sales in Western Europe will be bolstered by EU efforts to promote replacement of older boilers with more energy-efficient models.

Oil- and gas-powered boilers are increasingly being targeted by climate-related regulations, with the International Energy Agency suggesting that an aggressive plan could even completely ban gas boilers by 2025.

Freedonia Group analyst Dan Debelius says, “Many consumers have been able to make the transition to battery-powered or corded electric lawn and garden equipment.

Social distancing and outdoor socializing drove homeowners to add water features (e.g., fountains, ponds, waterfalls) to make these areas more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.

Continued above average growth for fountains will be supported by the lower maintenance and easier installation of these relative to ponds and waterfalls, which also typically require more space.